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Share Large Files Up To 5GB Per Transfer Through Email & Secure Link

How To Send Large Files With TurboBox

Upload Files

Click on Let's begin by adding some files and upload files you want to transfer. You can send maximum of 10 files and up to 5GB per transfer.

Enter Details

Enter recipients email in Email to column and sender email in Email form column. You can also enter your custom message for the recipients.

Send Files

Verify your email and click on Upload button to send files. Voila It's Done!! Recipients will receive an email to download the uploaded files.

Why Send Large Files From TurboBox

Send Large Files

Share files up to 5GB per transfer. Send multiple times in a day with no daily limit.

Send Multiple Files

Easily share multiple files in one transfer. Can share up to 10 files in one transfer.

Password Protection

Secure files with a password. Only recipients with valid password can download files.

Multiple Recipients

Send files to multiple recipients in a single transfer. No need to transfer same file multiple times to different recipients.

Custom Message

You can add custom messages on file transfer for recipients. Send greeting, instructions or anything to the recipients.

Self Destruction

Files will automatically be deleted after default retention period. You can also set to delete files immediately after downloading.

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